At Protected View we use the quality branded security cameras which can function with our other products such as alarm systems, intercom systems, access control systems and your internet connection. Every installation is unique to your premises so that its works effectively. 

We provide CCTV for any premises including domestic, industrial and construction sites. 

High-definition 4K Ultra HD

Closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) are important to secure your premises. With these cameras you are under control to either operate continueously or at specific times. We provide 4K Ultra HD cameras that guarantee your image is at its highest resolution.

IP Connectivity

IP network cameras  provides best image quality over standard analogue cameras we provide the best network IP cameras that is also integrated with our latest IP intercom which can be easily managed from smart devices or computers.

Fixed or point, tilt and zoom options

These options are really important in providing the best images on playback. All our Standard Definition Systems also have Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity via an ethernet port, and provide for remote viewing access via iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Desktop PC (Mac and Windows).

House with Pool
Indoor or outdoor security cameras

All  our Cameras are strong and are waterproof, allowing for installation indoors or outdoors.

B&W Road
Infrared (day and night) security capabilities

Filming in digital colour by day and infrared black and white by night, these cameras provide a clear image even at night.

Vandal resistant security cameras

 All Protected view cameras are vandal resistant with a tough exterior to resist attack. You are sure to know that your cameras cannot be vandalised.