A MyHome automation system enables all the electrical functions in a home - such as lighting, air-conditioning, audio entertainment and video intercoms - to communicate with each other and be controlled together from central points. For example, a 'Goodbye' switch at the front door could turn off all the lights, air-conditioning, and close all the curtains. 

We can allow you to have control over the following in your own home:

  • Lighting and motor control

  • Temperature control

  • Energy Monitoring System

  • Sound Diffusion

  • Scenario Controllers

  • Multimedia Touchscreens

Lighting and motor control

Whether you need to install a basic system in a modest 2 bedroom apartment, or a large system in a deluxe three storey home, MyHome can be scaled to suit each project's requirements. Controlling your light is now as close as a touch of a button.

Temperature control

The MyHome temperature control system integrates easily with air-conditioning systems via IR. The system can be controlled locally or remotely via smart phone or computer. For example, a homeowner can turn on the air-conditioning when they are leaving work so their home is a comfortable temperature upon their return.

Energy Monitoring System

It's easy to see how much gas and electricity a property is consuming. With a few simple components, you can view energy usage data in a user-friendly format on a colour touchscreen. Studies have shown that simply displaying energy consumption results in users changing their routines, or correcting faults, which reaps savings of 10-15%! So it's well worth installing a system in all properties.

Sound diffusion

An increasingly popular function in new homes, a MyHome Sound Diffusion system is an easy add-on to basic MyHome Lighting and/or Intercom systems.

Scenario Controllers

Choose from a variety of stylish controllers to activate preset scenarios involving any combination of MyHome Lighting, Sound Diffusion, and Temperature systems. For example, set a 'Goodnight' switch to turn off all lights and close all blinds upon going to bed.

Multimedia Touchscreens

These multi-media touchscreens enable home-owners to conveniently control all their electrical functions - such as lighting, sound and temperature - anywhere in the house, from a central point.